We take the care, well-being, teaching and training of our children very seriously (that is, serious in a fun way!). We do not consider our children's classes to be baby-sitting or simply keeping kids "out of the way" of the adults. Instead, we see our time with the kids in our children's classes to be an opportunity to invest the Word of God into their lives and prepare them to be mighty young men and young women of God! This is discipleship, and it takes time - but we are happy to invest this time in the lives of children!

All of our children's classes are taught in a dual-teacher environment - meaning, all of our teachers have help and accountability. This assures that the kids in our care are cared for and safe. Also, our class times are structured, with planned snack times, teaching times and play times. This assures that the kids are not left to themselves, but have a learning and nurturing environment.