We are a House of Prayer

When Jesus saw that the religious leaders had made the synagogue into something other than a house of prayer, he overthrew their tables and ran them out! (Matt. 21) The Bible’s teaching on corporate prayer is clear. God’s expects us to pray in unity for the mission he has given us. He then answers prayer, moving us along in his power and provision. We are wonderfully dependent on God for all we have done, are doing, and will do. As we continue to move forward, we must have God’s hand of blessing upon us, or we labor in vain (Psalm 127). That is one reason why LFT will always prioritize corporate prayer. Our corporate prayer service is the most important service of the week. This says a lot. Some practical examples of this principle include:

  • LFT members pray when they meet together
  • We make corporate prayer ministry a priority in everything we do
  • We will keep an attitude/awareness of desperate dependence on God for all that we do